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Torrent downloads history based on IP address tracking

Torrent downloads

Are you a fan of downloading torrents? It’s essential to remember that the BitTorrent network is not anonymous, meaning that anyone can see who is uploading or downloading content from others. Problems like this have led to the increased popularity of VPN services that provide anonymity for BitTorrent users by hiding their IP addresses.

One search engine that has gained attention over the years is “I Know What You Download”. The service claims to track the activity of more than 9 million torrents, so it’s likely that you’ve downloaded or shared one of them. You can input your IP address on the search page to see if the service has any information on your torrent activity.

While downloading via torrents is a common form of piracy for advanced users, only some people think about the security and privacy of their internet activity. This lack of concern can be easily abused. You don’t need to be a hacker to find out what your friends are downloading via torrents – you only need one tool and a minute of your time.

A torrent network operates on a simple principle. It is open and connects individual users who send files to each other. When you download from other users, you also share the file with hundreds or thousands of other people who download it from you. The only way to ensure anonymity on the internet is through VPN services.

To check your digital footprint on the torrent network, you can visit This website will automatically detect your IP address and list the torrents where your activity has been recorded. Keep in mind that the results may be inaccurate if you have a dynamic IP address.

But the tool has an even more dangerous feature. By switching to the “Track Downloads” tab, you can enter any link in the text box that appears to be a regular address shortener. In reality, however, it conceals a subtle intermediate step that generates a list of the user’s torrent activity based on their IP address. The other party is unaware of this and is redirected to the shortened link.

If you are interested in tracking the torrent activity of others, you can do so through this URL shortener feature. However, it’s important to note that this can be considered unethical. The information obtained should be taken with a grain of salt, as the IP address may sometimes be dynamic and unique, especially for end users in big cities.

Additionally, it’s important to remember the importance of protecting your privacy on the internet using a VPN.