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7 compelling reasons to take a coffee break at work

Coffee break

Aside from the fact that coffee has excellent taste and any excuse to take a break comes in handy, coffee breaks are also beneficial for several other reasons. Did you know that they can even help you relieve pain?

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1) You’ll be more alert

I’m sure you already know that coffee in the morning “kicks you up” for the day. But caffeine doesn’t help you to wake up. However, it can pause the production of the primary substance in your brain that causes you to feel sleepy. This organic compound, called Adenosine, reduces your body’s energy.

In the afternoon fatigue, there is still residual Adenosine in your body. Therefore, when you take a break for a cup of coffee, caffeine can block the Adenosine receptors. Your brain will think it’s no longer sleepy, and you can get back to ethical hacking.

2) Coffee boosts creativity

Scientific studies have shown that coffee helps boost creativity in individuals and when brainstorming in larger groups. You’ll go from professional relationships to friendly ones when you sit down together over a cup of coffee. It will be much easier to have open conversations and throw out one idea after another.

3) Coffee also increases productivity

In a 2010 study, MIT researchers found that employees who indulged in regular coffee breaks had much higher overall productivity. With this argument, you can easily defend your coffee ritual to your employer. So don’t be afraid to take a break while in the middle of a penetration test.

4) Helps reduce pain

Primarily if you work in a sitting position, you’ll appreciate the results of a study by the U.S. National Institutes of Health. In it, researchers claim that a group that indulged in coffee before work showed a reduction in pain associated with sedentary work and computer work. While the study sample was relatively small, it still shows that you can use coffee as one of the natural ways to treat pain.

5) Coffee connects

Your coworkers probably drink a lot of coffee, especially cybersecurity experts. Getting together over a cup to discuss work news or get advice on how to solve a problem might be handy. If you don’t take a coffee break, you’ll miss out on these moments that bring you closer to your colleagues and inspire you for the projects you need to finish on a strict deadline. Not surprisingly, people who drink coffee at work also tend to be happier in their jobs.

6) Helps you learn new things faster

Why do you think college campuses have many coffee shops, especially at prestigious American schools? If you fuel your brain with caffeine, it can work overtime and improve information intake. You don’t have to be a student to take advantage of this benefit. You never stop learning if you work in a job where things are constantly changing, such as application security.

7) Improves metabolism

Sitting at work all day isn’t exactly good for our health. Get up from your desk and enjoy a cup of coffee to boost your metabolic activity. Although coffee can’t work miracles and won’t save you if you’re having a burger for lunch and three beers for dinner, it’s nice to know that your body is burning fat while enjoying delicious coffee.

If you’ve ever felt guilty during coffee breaks at work, you don’t have to anymore. Because now you know that coffee will make you feel much better and happier at work.